Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures of the body of Eunice, the Albino Girl who was Murdered in Mwanza

The body of Eunice who was brutally killed in Sengerema District (in Mwanza, Tanzania)

The body of Eunice upclose. The legs were chopped off.


  1. people so wicked like that God will punish you for everything you doing to those poor soul

  2. awww so so sad its unbelivible i remeber seeing young Adam a lovely kid he is bless him on a documentry on you tube my heart went out for him i think his own parents sold him their own son how could they i hope Adam and his older brother are taken into care and to a place of safty so they can enjoy whats left of their childhood and not live their lives in fear and i remeber hearing about poor Enice she has 2 sisters also albinos thankfully their in a place of safty now but it came to late for Enice RIP sweet Enice but these kids will have enough problems trying to protect their delecate skin and eyes from the strong sun without thise added burden and the pepole killing these poor victims are backward and ignorn beleiving that albinos have magical powers their beleifs are so in the past now im not a racicet person but these killers aare savages and backwards and i hope Enice is at peace and in Heaven now and the other innicont victims that were killed and i hope young Adam is doing well now i send my love and hugs to him